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My name is Caroline Johansen. Originally from Sweden, I moved to London in 2007 to pursue a career in corporate law. In 2021, I welcomed my first child, Henry.

The idea to create To Become a Mother came out of my own experience as a new mum. Despite having consumed countless baby books and courses, I was nevertheless completely unprepared for the reality of becoming a mother and how profoundly the experience would change me and my perception of the world.

More than any book or course, it was a network of other mums that helped me navigate pregnancy and the early stages of motherhood. Their stories validated my own feelings, comforted and inspired me. And the collective sense of motherhood, created by our shared personal experiences, was empowering.

In today’s world where friends and family are often far away, To Become a Mother serves as a virtual community of mothers and mothers-to-be; like an extension of your closest circle of mum friends. Here you can read and listen to women sharing their personal stories about pregnancy and motherhood. We’ll explore the difficult aspects of motherhood that are not always openly talked about, delve into fascinating topics with leading experts and hear inspiring women talk honestly and openly about their pregnancy, birth and the time after.

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