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"I have struggled with anxiety in pregnancy and yoga has been so helpful in calming my mind"

Updated: Jul 19, 2022

Two years ago, Leonor Borda de Agua, her British husband and her 6 months old daughter relocated from her native Portugal to the UK. Despite an initially tough start at a time of lockdowns and social distancing, they are now happily settled in their north London home. Currently expecting her second daughter, Leonor explains why she feels the most beautiful when she is pregnant, why she is excited to give birth and how yoga has helped her cope with her pregnancy anxiety.

How did you discover that you were pregnant?

Having been out the night before celebrating a friend’s birthday, I woke up in the morning with the worst hangover of my life. I was feeling terrible, but put it down to a few glasses of wine too many. I had to travel back to Portugal later that day and was feeling so unwell on the plane that I started to wonder whether something more serious could be at play. After a few days in Portugal, I decided to contact my local hospital. They did loads of tests but couldn’t find anything wrong with me so prescribed me some medication to try. However, when I arrived at the pharmacy to collect my prescription, I suddenly thought could I be pregnant? When two lines appeared on the test later that day, I was overjoyed but also so surprised!

How do you feel about your pregnant body?

I feel the most beautiful when I am pregnant. Pregnancy is such a special time, it is a little miracle to be able to carry a baby. It is almost like these feelings of gratitude, happiness and excitement radiate through me – I guess that’s what they mean by pregnancy glow! I usually wear make-up but when I am pregnant, I don’t feel I need to. As for my body, I love how soft and plump it gets in pregnancy - the weight gain doesn’t bother me at all!

How do you feel about giving birth?

I have always thought that giving birth is a pivotal moment in any woman’s life, and therefore something I have always wanted to experience. Having said that, I think it is important to read and educate oneself on birth and pregnancy before labour, to have the best chance of a good experience.

How have you prepared for birth?

I have done two things to prepare for birth. Firstly, I have completed a hypnobirthing course together with my husband. The course was great and taught me and my husband so many things about labour. I loved doing the course together, it helped to prepare us like a team.

Secondly, I have also done pregnancy yoga throughout my pregnancy. I have struggled with anxiety in pregnancy and the yoga has been so helpful in calming my mind. I also feel it prepares you well physically for labour - it’s like the movements help the baby move down into the right position.

How would you describe your pregnancy style?

I have really struggled to find anything that I like and have not been able to dress the way I usually do. Now towards the end of pregnancy, I have been wearing the same few pieces on repeat – I am so tired of them!


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