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Maddie McMahon on why mothering matters

In the words of Naomi Wolf, “motherhood is one of the most challenging and creative jobs anyone can do”. But why then are mothers so often diminished or discriminated against in our culture? Why is the work of bearing and raising children often thought of as unimportant? And why are issues relating to motherhood and parenting so low on the political agenda? These are some of the questions that Maddie McMahon explores in her outstanding book “Why Mothering Matters” and on today’s episode of To Become a Mother, we have the honour of speaking to Maddie about the art of mothering, and why it does really matter.

To find out more about Maddie and the work she does as a doula check out her website and blog. I also highly recommend that you read Maddie's other book, Why Doulas Matter, also published by Pinter & Martin Publishers.


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