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To Become a Mother

Updated: Jul 20, 2022

Welcome to To Become a Mother, an authentic and supportive community for mothers and mothers-to-be. Here you can read and listen to women movingly and courageously share their personal stories about motherhood.

The idea to create To Become a Mother came out of my own experience as a new mum. Despite having consumed countless baby books and courses, I was nevertheless completely unprepared for the reality of becoming a mother and how profoundly the experience would change me and my perception of the world.

I was missing a forum where I could connect with other women going through the same transition as myself, where the focus was not on the baby’s development but the experience of the woman. To Become a Mother aims to fill this gap and to create a supportive community for women to share their authentic stories of pregnancy and motherhood. I hope these stories will inspire, move and support you on your journey to become a mother.


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