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Panel Discussion: Relationships after having a baby

Having a baby is an act of creation - the creation of a new human as well as a new family constellation. It is the catalyst that will open new possibilities for more intimate connections but also new stresses to existing relationships.

In this podcast episode we reflect on the transition from being a couple, to being pregnant and then having a child. We discuss the identity shifts that come with parenthood, the importance of finding time for yourself and as a couple, and how to avoid turning into co-workers running a household together.

The panel is made up of:

  • Helen McDermott, lawyer and mother to Setanta, 9 months.

  • Manel Bourkaib, Global Head of B2B Marketing at Deliveroo and mother to Rayan, 9 months; and

  • Vic Goodchild, Buyer at Oliver Bonas and mother to Riley, 9 months.


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