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Panel Discussion: The First 40 Days

We expect birth to be a reckoning. So we prepare for it. We attend classes, read books, consult friends and family. Then the baby is born and we realise that the post-partum period is its own reckoning. But in contrast to birth, we are not prepared for it and we ask ourselves, why did no one tell me about this?

In this podcast episode our three panellists discuss the first few weeks after birth. They generously tell us about their experience of this time - how it was to come home from hospital with a little baby, how they felt emotionally and physically, how the baby impacted their other relationships and what they wish they’d known in advance.

Our panel consists of Bex Ohta, Head of Marketing at Trvor Sorbie and mother to Rei, 8 months; Helen McDermott, lawyer and mother to Setanta, 9 months; and Sarah Falconer, Retail Development Co-ordinator and mother to Gabriel, 8 months.


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