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Panel Discussion: Twin Pregnancies and Births

In this episode, Reesha Ranavaya and Layla De Freitas talk about how it is to become a mother to twins. From the joy of finding out that there are two hearts beating on the sonographer’s screen, to navigating a high-risk pregnancy and spending over 12 weeks in a neonatal intensive care unit, this is a fascinating, and incredibly moving panel talk about two women’s very different twin pregnancies and births.

The panel consists of:

  1. Reesha Ranavaya, Employment Lawyer and mother to Arjun 3 years old and Rohan and Rhys, 23 months old.

  2. Layla De Freitas, Employee Engagement and Transformation Lead, Lily and Amelia 2 years old and Ella-Mai 1 year old.


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